*Basic single bracelets start at $2.00. Personalized bracelets and cuffs start between $3.00 and $15.00, depending on design and color.We have a variety of choices including cuffs, ufo 3d cuffs, single bracelets, personalized bracelets, drawstring bracelets, and flower/character bracelets. Our bracelets are made with high qualitybeads and stretchy string, made to fit wrists of all sizes. Childrens sizes also available. Prices vary, so please inquire for any purchases.  Also check out my etsy site at!


Spider ufo 3d cuff $15.00

Flower cuff bracelet $5.00

Rainbow Cuff $10.00

Rasta Cuff $10.00/Assorted $6.00

Basic Cuff $5.00/$8.00

Sports Bracelets $4.00

UFO Cuff $15.00

Single bracelets $2.00-$4.00

Friendship Bracelets: $3.00/each


Cute panda bear couple cuff bracelet $25.00

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