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The Kandi Shop


Now everyone loves beaded jewelry right? Or maybe you love to rave! Or aybe you're just that free spirited, artistic type who just loves the PLUR life. If you don't, then our creative handmade jewelry should change your mind.We offer a variety of handmade,custom designed products, including rings, keychains, perler bead creations, necklaces, personalized bracelets or anything else you wish to personalize. Among those, we also offer sports bracelets. The list doesn't end....


*Custom jewelry and kandi is welcome! Contact for details*


Be sure to also check out my new blog at artprodigyblog!

See Links below for Beaded Jewelry:

Check out my etsy page for purchasing:


For Rings


For Bracelets


For Earrings


For Necklaces


For Keychains




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