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My online store is now open on BNW Art! There are still a variety of paintings currently available on ETSY.COM/SHOP/LEAWAYARTISANS  for a limited time! For custom orders, a contract will be emailed upon discussion of commission that must be signed by the artist and client.


Policy on Graphic Design Requests: 

The entire base price of all designs is due before beginning the commissions.  

What is included:

-Signed contract agreement between Artist and Client (to be emailed)

-Updates during production

-Adjustments to design made during/after production ($5 will be added to each massive change that was not discussed before production of design)

-Sketches and ideas during production

-Original PSD., JPG, and PNG files (this is the final product)


If the project has started, and the customer wishes to no longer pursue the production of the design, 30% of the base price will be returned to the customer (this insures the valuable time, efforts, and materials already purchased by the artist are covered).  I accept payment through Paypal (Please send to when paying) and cash is accepted as well if local (We are able to meet in a public place to exchange if it is a physical piece of art).


Prices depend on the specifications of the design: (size, color, detail, etc.). Negotiation of overall price is always open. Please include these specifications in the contact form.


**$5.00 charge for every new major change will be added to final price. (Applies to all commissions both digital and handmade ex: paintings, drawings, etc.)


All designs are completed through email, in which I send sampled progress as it is completed. I am also available to Skype if needed (Please fill out the contact form with available time and Skype user name). Please feel free to email your visions of what you want.


My main contact method is through Skype and email:

*When expressing interest in a customized design, please be prepared to include specifications of the desired end result. This includes:





-Use for design (Ex: Menu, TShirt Design, Logo, Etc.)

-Specification of design (Please indicate whether used for print or digital purposes)

-Any other important details. If not, please specify whether you are open to free creativity of the artist.

Policy on Custom/Commissioned Paintings/Drawings: 

100% of base price on all artwork is due before production. In case of the customer’s inability to pursue the production of the painting/drawing, 30% will be refunded. A separate $5.00 fee per each new massive change is charged, that affects overall production. Prices of artwork vary, and this is paid through after negotiation.


Prices depend on the specifications of the painting and/or drawing (size, color, detail, etc.). Artwork is exchanged in person or can be mailed. All payments must go to I am available for convenient times of the customer.


*Custom fluid paintings will not look exactly like the original design, due to the free uncontrollable nature of this painting process. However, original colors and same style/process can still be used. Each piece is unique.*


Some of the standard sizes of paintings and drawings:

3x3 in

5x5 in

9x9 in

8.5x11 in

10x20 in

16x20 in

20x20 in

18x24 in 

20x24 in and larger (Please specify the size of canvas. I can get the size you need). All original work on site is also for sale.


What is included:

-Signed contract agreement between Artist and Client (to be emailed)

-Updates/Progress on commission during production

-Adjustments to design made during/after production ($5 fee will be charged per each massive change that was not discussed before production of design. This will be billed separately.)

-Sketches and ideas during production (emailed)

-Original JPG and PNG files

-Final piece (shipped and delivered to the client after fees are paid)

Policy on Shipping: 

I currently ship artwork via USPS Priority Mail (usually 1-3 business days) and USPS Standard Ground Shipping (usually 2-8 business days). Business days do not include weekends. I will send a tracking number to your provided email address once your package has been shipped. I am not responsible for shipping delays after I have shipped artwork. It will then be in the possession of USPS, and it is out of my hands. Please address any concerns with USPS to resolve delay issues. Thank you for your understanding.


If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. 

Contact email:

Paypal Link for Purchasing/Donating:

Price Breakdown:

Base price + $5.00 for every new massive change not previously discussed before production.

Ex: if base price is $25.00, $25.00 is due before production. But if there are 4 new changes during production, the overall price paid will be 45.00 ($5.00 for every change). Artwork and final digital files (applies to graphic designs) will not be released until the final price is paid.


Thank you! Peace and love!












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