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This is a 12x12 inch acrylic fluid painting on stretched canvas. Canvas is painted on the sides, so no frame is needed. Painting is handmade and comes bubble wrapped, protected by cardboard corners. 


I started this painting by spending quite a while mixing the individual colors with floetrol, pouring medium, and silicone. I then poured all of the colors one by one onto the canvas creating small circular puddles and continued by layering different colors on top of one another. I then rotated the canvas back and forth causing the colors to run. I also used a blow torch to bring out the cellular forms. Neon colors are usually associated with focus, awareness, and happiness. I used these particular colors to evoke an uplifting emotion and energy in the viewer.


Custom Orders:

**Please allow additional 3-5 days for requested custom paintings. This time includes time needed for production, drying, and varnishing to ensure that painting is not damaged during the shipping and transit process.

Flowing Energy


    This is a 12x12 inch acrylic fluid painting on canvas. Canvas is covered on the back with kraft paper and wire is attached with D-Ring hangers for easy hanging. Painting is unframed, handmade and comes bubble wrapped, varnished, protected by cardboard corners. 



     Name: The Power of Neon
     Painter: Britnie Walston
     Size: 12" Tall, 12" Wide
     Original wall art, handmade acrylic painting on canvas
     Colors: purple, black, pink, yellow, blue
     Style: Modern, Abstract

    Custom orders:
    ***Please allow additional 3-5 days for custom orders to allow for paint drying and varnishing.

    Due to the nature of fluid painting process, custom orders will not be the same design as the original painting in the listing. Any questions or concerns please contact me. Thank you!

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