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This 16x20 inch winter painting was inspired by a photograph. I included a stream towards the center, careful as not to take too much attention away from the rest of the surroundings in the composition. A thin brush was used for the tree trunks and branches. Depth was created by  painting less details in the trees and they went farther back, and also painted them smaller in comparison to the ones in the foreground. A small brush was also used to paint the thin blades of grass poking from the snow on the ground.

This painting is sure to bring warmth to the cold holiday season in any dorm, home, or office! This makes a great gift for the Christmas and holiday season. What better way to give a house warming gift or home decor than a personalized handmade winter painting that can hang on their wall or yours forever?

Painting comes shipped in a box and carefully packed to prevent damage while shipping. You can also request a custom order!


**For custom orders, please allow additional 1-2 weeks for paintings to ensure paint and varnishing are dry to prevent potential damage while shipping.

Winter Stream


    This is a 16x20 inch oil painting on pre stretched canvas. Canvas has wire attached with D-Ring hangers for easy hanging. Painting is unframed. Painting is handmade and comes bubble wrapped in a box protected by cardboard corners. 



     Name: Winter Stream
     Painter: Britnie Walston
     Size: 16" Tall, 20" Wide

     Original wall art, handmade oil painting on canvas
     Colors: blue, white, black, brown
     Style: Traditional oil painting, landscape painting, contemporary art, winter, holiday

    If local customer pick-up is preferred, please contact us directly for more information.

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