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How to start a gallery for future gallery owners

June 26, 2014



How to Start an Art Gallery Business

  • How to create a business plan for your art gallery

  • Deciding what kind of art gallery to open

  • An overview of options for your art gallery business:

    • Buying an existing art gallery (including how to find art galleries and art stores for sale)

    • Buying a retail art franchise

    • Opening a new art gallery

  • Choosing a name for your art gallery

  • Where to get start-up financing for your art gallery business

  • Information about important business matters including insurance and whether you should incorporate

  • How much space (square footage) you need to open your art gallery

  • What to consider when choosing a location for your art gallery, including information about permits and leases

  • Interior and exterior design of your art gallery

  • Equipment and supplies you need to start an art gallery business and where to get them

  • How to get inventory for your art gallery including information on:

    • How to attract artists to sell through your gallery

    • Obtaining artwork on consignment

    • Typical commissions paid for artwork sold through galleries

    • How to buy limited edition artwork from popular collectible artists at wholesale discounted prices

Managing Your Art Gallery

  • How to develop effective systems for running your art gallery business on a daily basis

  • How to set your prices (plus ways to increase the perceived value of a piece so you can sell it for a higher price)

  • Accepting payments from customers

  • Art gallery theft prevention techniques

  • Computer software that can help you manage your art inventory

  • Ways to attract visitors to your art gallery through advertising and low cost publicity

  • Organizing events at your art gallery

  • Creating a website to sell artwork locally and internationally

  • Increasing sales with effective customer relations, including:

    • How to talk with educated art collectors

    • Handling difficult customers

    • How to get repeat business

    • How to find and hire great art gallery employees


  • Other services you can offer through your art gallery to increase your income, including:

    • Art appraisals

    • Framing art

    • Renting space

Ways to promote:

  • Internet website

  • Flyers

  • Local events

  • Newspaper

  • Cards

  • Merchandise

  • Set up free listing for business in search engine like google, bing

  • Set up a social networking site

  • Talk to vendors and artists, maybe collaborate

  • Expose your work through a local gallery

  • Attend meetings of professional groups, or receptions

  • Pay for membership in groups

  • Radio station

  • Write an article and send it to a magazine

  • Contact nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and others who may need your services

  • Speak

  • Give demonstrations

  • Make a video

  • Find programs to help you financially

  • Send out sales letters

  • Drive a vehicle that has your business, contact info painted on it

  • Call businesses and introduce yourself

  • Give out samples of work

  • Run a contest


Hope this helps!

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