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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton

BNW ART: The Leaway Artisans
Who is BNW Art? Well, they are a small team of two fun creative minds based in Baltimore, MD: Britnie (The Artist and founder) and her assistant, who have the leaway or in other words, "freedom" to create just about anything. A variety of unique original art is offered including fluid paintings, abstract art, oil paintings, drawings, custom logo designs, t-shirt designs, beaded jewelry, darkroom photography, flyers, and a variety of other services. Please keep in mind that profanity and hurtful requests are not accepted (positive vibes are all welcome). There's a plethora of knowledge to share. If you like the work, feel free to contact or follow BNW Art on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with the latest art and updates! If something in your heart tells you to purchase work, feel free to do that too!



Britnie W.

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Britnie was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and grew up near the Chesapeake Bay. She is a Goucher College grad with a bachelor's in studio art major, and a fine and performing arts scholar. During her education at Goucher, she held internships at galleries and studied a variety of subjects including art history, curating, painting, sculpture, and independent studies. Before attending Goucher, she concentrated primarily in visual and fine arts throughout high school. This led her to earning a scholarship for the "Young People's Studio" painting class at the Maryland Institute College of Art, amongst other awards. Britnie has been a professional artist for 15 years, although she has remained passionate about art since she was a very young child.


She first started an art business known as BNW Art (est.2009), and continuously seeks to bring joy to others through her work. In addition, she has also done a variety of freelance graphic design commissions including illustrations for "Black Dads Can" by Gregory Collins. She also most recently created a Youtube channel filled with tutorials, DIYs, and hacks. Most recently, Britnie has been featured in magazines such as Chestnut Review, Blue Mesa Review, Abstract TV Magazine, and Mud Season Review. In addition to that, she has also exhibited in multiple shows with Towson Arts Collective, Art Enables, and Maryland Art Place. While in college, she also studied abroad to Greece in 2012, learning about Greek mythology and exploring museums and architecture.


Overall, Britnie's work is inspired by her inner emotions of liberation (“set free”) and freedom (“being free”), daily life struggles, and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Although Britnie enjoys pretty much anything related to art, her favorite medium is oil paint, primarily depicting the absence of human presence and self reflection. In her paintings she likes to focus on energy, vibrant abstract colors, reflection and movement of the water. In addition to landscape painting, she also works in a variety of other areas including graphic design, abstract art, drawing, as well as beaded crafts, photography, and most recently fluid painting. Some may say Britnie is a "Jack of All Trades". She loves the surprise of it all, and the creative freedom it allows.  She wants her work to inspire the viewer and bring them much happiness! Commissions are also welcome. Just ask by filling out the contact form or requesting via email! To learn more about her work and what inspires her, visit Britnie's portfolio page, and take a look at the descriptions for each piece on her images!

See artist resume here: Artist Resume

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