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Have a passion or interest for modern art? Want to add spontaneous color and inspiration to your home or office, but need an artist to customize to your needs? Check out my abstract paintings! All prices vary based on size and detail. 

All work pictured here is also for sale unless stated otherwise. For paintings not yet listed in my store, please fill out the contact form providing the title of the art, so that it can be reserved for you to purchase.

"Interceding" | 24x48 in | Oil on Canvas

This painting depicts an array of emotions, and I displayed this by incorporating different colors of lines to represent each emotion, overlapping to create organized disorganization.

"Exhilarating" | 24x30 in | Acrylic on Canvas

The vibrant colors and various brush strokes creates a stimulating mood, which inspired the name "Exhilarating".

"A New Beginning" | 20x20 in | Acrylic on Canvas

The bright colors and black brush strokes are displayed in a layered fashion, which at the same time create directional lines throughout the composition.

"Mindful Chaos" | 24x30 in | Acrylic on Canvas

This painting depicts a range of dripped paint and brush strokes to create a chaotic composition. I wanted this painting to be busy, but yet maintaining a balance of repetition in color. The various colors and techniques create a live energy while the colors unify the painting.

"Layers" | 16x20 in | Acrylic on Canvas

For this painting, I began with a yellow wash for the background to cover any white surfaces of the canvas that may peek through. Afterwards, I began adding layers of colors on top of one another using a palette knife.

"When Colors Collide" | 11x14 in. | Oil on Canvas

For this painting I wanted to create a soft transition of colors, where the warm colors and cool colors started on opposite ends of the canvas and gradually collided in the center of the composition creating unity.

Original is not for sale

"Continuance" | 4x4 in. | Oil on Canvas

For this painting, I used yellow, red, black, and white to create a bold strong energy in the painting. When applying the colors, I used continuous long brush strokes from the top to the bottom of the canvas but experimented with a variety of heights to create variety, movement, and balance. I also blended these colors together so that it would create a smooth gradient texture.

"Simple and Sweet" | 4x4 in. | Oil on Canvas

For this painting, I used short brush strokes with pastel colors. When applying the paint, I used a criss cross method when layering the colors on top of one another. The colors reminded me of a sweet pastry. Yumm!

Original is not for sale

"Black Gives Way to Blue" | 8X10 in | Acrylic on Canvas

In this painting, I wanted to depict power by incorporating bold black and blue, followed by touches of red and yellow. The painting depicts the blue gradually taking over the dominance of the bold black color. 

"Passion" | 8x10 in | Acrylic on Canvas

The warm monochromatic color scheme of warm yellows, reds, and oranges in this composition brings the feeling of passion and warm energy.

"Power Conquers" | 8x10 in | Acrylic on Canvas

This painting shows the bold black colors, gradually moving and taking dominance over the lime green in the composition. 

"Enlightenment" | 16x20 in | Acrylic on Canvas

The bright, bold, energetic yellow inspired the name "Enlightenment". The burst of bright color creates such a positive vibe of rejuvenating energy, followed by the bold splashes of orange, black, and white.

Original is not for sale

"Unhinged" | 24x36 in | Acrylic on Paper

The idea for this painting, was a more modern approach filled with uncontrolled paint splatters and colors. The use and application of the colors inspired the idea of "unhinged", meaning mentally deranged or disturbed. The beautiful thing about this is that even though the splatters are uncontrolled, the repetition of color and texture creates a unified composition.

Original is not for sale

"Conflicted" | 16x20 in | Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was actually inspired by my own thoughts and emotions which at the time was confusion. So, I wanted to portray those emotions in this painting through differentiation of techniques and direction. In the background, I began painting solid colors to represent the organized composure on the outside and on the top I splashed black paint to represent the confusion and chaos on the inside.

Original is not for sale

"Rainbow" | 4x4 in. | Oil on Canvas

This painting was an experiment with colors and direction. The simple rainbow of layered colors inspired this title.

Original is not for sale

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