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This 16x20 inch winter painting was inspired by a photograph and the aftermath/awakening of the year 2020. I began this painting with a gradient wash across the canvas for the sky, and mixed purple and orange for the clouds followed by tints of white. The reflection in the water was created by painting precisely the same trees upside down with less detail in a back and forth direction, mimicking the idea of moving water.


I included a stream towards the center, careful as not to take too much attention away from the rest of the surroundings in the composition. A fan brush was used for the tree silhouettes and touches of snow on the branches. Depth was created by excluding details in the trees along the bank, and painting the ones further away smaller in comparison. A small brush was also used to paint the thin blades of grass protruding from the snow on the ground.


With all that has occurred in the past year, this painting is sure to bring warmth to the cold holiday season in any dorm, home, or office! This makes a great gift for the Christmas and holiday season or simply to bring escape, peace, and solice to what has been a stressful, uncertain time in our history. What better way to give a house warming gift or home decor than a personalized handmade winter painting that can hang on their wall or yours forever?


Painting comes shipped in a box and carefully packed to prevent damage while shipping. You can also request a custom order!


Custom Orders:

**Please allow additional 2-3 weeks for requested custom paintings. This time includes time needed for production, drying, and varnishing to ensure that painting is not damaged during the shipping and transit process.

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