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This is a 8x10 inch oil painting on canvas depicting Michael Jackson, "King of Pop", that was originally created to be featured in an "Icons" show with Las Laguna Art Gallery in California. This painting took over 30 hours to complete. Small 0 and 00 brushes were used to paint the figure, as well as a dotting tool for small details and highlights. Thickened acrylic paint was also used to create the background, and applied utilizing a palette knife. Sides of painting are painted with black acrylic paint, so no framing is necessary unless preferred. Frame is not included with painting. Painting is covered on the back, with wire attached for easy hanging. Contact me with any questions or inquiries.





Custom Orders:

**Please allow additional 3-5 days for the requested custom paintings. This includes time needed for production, drying, and varnishing to ensure that painting is not damaged during the shipping and transit process.

Michael Jackson "King of Pop"

$185.00 Regular Price
$157.25Sale Price

    This is a 8x10 inch oil painting on canvas. Canvas is covered on the back with kraft paper and wire is attached with D-Ring hangers for easy hanging. Painting is unframed, handmade and comes bubble wrapped, varnished, protected by cardboard corners. 



     Name: Michael Jackson "King of Pop"
     Painter: Britnie Walston
     Size: 10" Tall, 8" Wide
     Original wall art, handmade oil painting on canvas
     Colors: tan, pink, white, black, gold, gray
     Style: Pop art, portraiture


    Custom orders:
    ***Please allow additional 2-3 weeks for custom orders to allow for oil paint drying and varnishing. This ensures that the artwork will not be damaged during transit.

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