This is a 4x12 inch beach themed acrylic fluid painting with real sand to give an a little extra beach vibe to any environment. I mixed each color myself along with floetrol, silicone, and pouring medium. Afterwards, I used a technique known as the dirty pour where I flipped the cup over onto the canvas, allowing the chemical reaction between the pouring medium and silicone to form cell designs. I also used a torch to bring those designs and colors out a bit more. I also mixed up a separate cup of white painting with silicone to create the foam line to give the effect of water rushing onto the shore. I also created a special mixture of my own along with sand and acrylic paint forming a sand paste for durability. 

Painting comes covered on the back, has installed D-ring hangers on 3 sides for hanging versatility.


Custom Orders:

**Please allow additional 2-3 days for shipping on customized orders to ensure proper drying and care of painting in order to prevent damage when mailing.


**Custom orders will have slightly different designs due to the free nature of the fluid painting process. Each piece will be unique.

Ocean Fluid Painting


    This is a 4x12 inch acrylic fluid painting on canvas. Canvas is covered on the back with kraft paper with D-Ring hangers for easy hanging. Painting is unframed, handmade and comes bubble wrapped protected by cardboard corners. 



     Name: Ocean Fluid Painting
     Painter: Britnie Walston
     Size: 4" Tall, 12" Wide

     Original wall art, handmade acrylic painting on canvas
     Colors: blue, turquoise, white
     Style: Modern, Abstract

    Custom orders:
    ***Please allow additional 3-5 days for custom orders to allow for paint drying and varnishing.

    Due to the nature of fluid painting process, custom orders will not be the same design as the original painting in the listing. Any questions or concerns please contact me. Thank you!