This painting was inspired by my imagination. I didn't know exactly what I had in mind when I first started but as I continued, I found that I wanted a burst of bold color and simplification. To depict the sun going down, I included an isolated black tree silhouette and ground followed by a bright yet calm sunset for the background. When you think of the day being over, you imagine a still, peaceful setting with as less chaos and movement as possible. It is a time of self reflection and to wind down your thoughts and body from the busy day. I hoped to achieve that same feeling in this painting.

This painting is sure to bring a splash of refreshing color, solitude, unwinding, and peace to any dorm, room or office! Painting comes shipped in a box and carefully packed to prevent damage while shipping. You can also request a custom order!


Custom Orders:

***For custom orders, please allow additional 2-3 weeks for paintings to ensure paint and varnishing are dry to prevent potential damage while shipping.

The Day is Over

$90.00 Regular Price
$76.50Sale Price

    This is a 10x20 inch oil painting on pre stretched canvas. Canvas has wire attached with D-Ring hangers for easy hanging. Painting is unframed. Painting is handmade and comes bubble wrapped in a box protected by cardboard corners. 



     Name: The Day is Over
     Painter: Britnie Walston
     Size: 10" Tall, 20" Wide

     Original wall art, handmade oil painting on canvas
     Colors: blue, yellow, orange, black, white
     Style: Traditional oil painting, portrait painting, contemporary art, tropical, beach

    Custom Orders:

    **Please allow additional 2-3 weeks for requested custom paintings. This time includes time needed for production, drying, and varnishing to ensure that painting is not damaged during the shipping and transit process.